Data, analysis and markdown for: Ceiling fans: Predicting indoor air speeds based on full scale laboratory measurements

Published: 1 April 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/gy5y35w24j.1
Paul Raftery


Measured indoor air speeds induced by ceiling fans in 78 full scale laboratory tests. The factors for each test were the room size, fan diameter, type, speed, direction (up or down), blade height, and mount distance (i.e. blade to ceiling height). Each test measured omnidirectional air speed at locations along a single traverse from fan center radially outwards perpendicular to a wall in 15-30cm intervals. At each location there were 8 air speeds measurements at different heights. This .zip file contains all of the measured data, associated figures, analysis code (in R) and the markdown file for the paper (.Rmd).



University of California Berkeley


Indoor Environment, Thermal Comfort