Time Series Dataset for Risk Assessment in Supply Chain Networks

Published: 5 April 2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/gystn6d3r4.2


This dataset is generated via simulation of a probabilistic risk assessment model and a Linear Programming models to evaluate Risk Index and Total supply chain cost using MATLAB simulink. This dataset can be utilized for sequence-to-sequence forecasting and multi-labelled classification problems related to Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM). This dataset can also be used for evaluating Non-linear Autoregressive models and Deep Neural Networks for supply chain networks. The dataset is published for academic purposes only, with limited usage after careful validation of norms and permissions as stated by the owner.



SRM University, SRM College of Engineering


Supply Chain Management, Forecasting, Time Series, Time Series Forecasting, Risk Modelling, Supply Chain Network, Risk