Dataset of fluted edge crush test of various mediums

Published: 17 March 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/gyxpvyw6nw.1
Megan Lee Rose


Data are the required values to determine the Corrugated crush test index (in N.m/g) obtained from readings in N, grammage of paper and length of test sample of various mediums (or flutings). Medium or fluting is used in the corrugated box manufacturing process. The fluted edge crush test is described in Tappi T 824 om-02. Other categories: paper testing, fluting, medium, strength property, Tappi


Steps to reproduce

Require the following samples: Medium or fluting of interest. Equipment required: Universal compression tester, paper punch to cut samples 152 mm x 12.7 mm wide with long direction in MD, a corrugated crush test device (see method).


Mechanical Strength, Flexural Testing, Medium Study