Dataset about a Digital Ethnographic project on Platform Capitalism and Female Digital nomads

Published: 29 April 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/gz7w2cchwp.1
silvia andrea tarazona ariza


This dataset is part of an ongoing research project about the new ways in which remote labour allow the emergence of internet figures such as influencers and digital nomads to find a place among the female traveling niche to create profitable digital content to have an income from a passion rather from a traditional job. This manuscript then, is of great relevance in Digital Anthropology studies, since it addresses how the new economic systems and the phenomenon of platform capitalism availed these women to have the status of “internet celebrities”, gaining certain level of acceptance, authority, and expertise in the world of digital travelers. Thus, through a digital ethnographic methodology, this dataset helps to explore the creative practices and social interactions of traveling women, who converge in different virtual traveling communities on the socio-digital network Instagram, whose common purpose is to make a living by constantly being “on the pursuit of the wanderlust dream”, using the internet as an ally motivated by their entrepreneurial but adventurous ethos, their marketable image, and their desire for more authentic travel experiences. Although this research is still in progress, so far, the data obtained has been useful in understanding the imaginaries of living in a perfectly aesthetic online world in which the conventional ways of life are reshaped and rearranged to have a more dynamic life beyond office schedules, as these women seem to be on a permanent vacation even if they are being highly productive in what became their permanent but allegedly more flexible online job.



Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya


Social Media, Digital Anthropology, Ethnography, Traveler, Nomadism, Digital Platform