An agro-physiological dataset on industrial tomatoes from nine years of field experiments conducted with alternative water-saving strategies in Mediterranean environments

Published: 4 January 2024| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/h293p9hyxt.2


This dataset has been collected during multi-year field trials conducted to assess the effect of alternative Deficit Irrigation (DI) strategies on industrial tomato. DI is a widely investigated farming strategy that reduces water applications below optimal crop requirements during the crop cycle without compromising production. The dataset comprises 100 experimental plots carried out in nine years and entails 32 DI treatments. The treatments include nine controls (well-watered), 15 constant DI treatments (i.e., same irrigation regime during the crop cycle), and eight variable DI treatments. The dataset is released as a Microsoft Excel file (extension .xlsx) organized in eight sheets corresponding to the main typologies of data, i.e., irrigation water scheduling (volume and timing), physical soil characteristics, daily weather data, and agro-physiological variables (i.e., phenology, stomatal conductance, crop temperature, crop yield, and quality). The dataset is presented in a Data In Brief article which is currently under review.


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The dataset has been compiled over nine years and comprises 100 experimental plots, where 32 DI strategies have been tested. Visual observations on tomato phenology and qualitative and quantitative production data have been collected in field and laboratory surveys, complemented with detailed information on pedo-climatic conditions and irrigation scheduling (timing and volume). Researchers can find in this dataset a rich source for calibrating and evaluating agro-physiological models and a reference basis to study the relationships between DI strategies, weather variability, and the performance of tomato growing systems.


Agronomy, Water Stress, Crop Yield, Agricultural Irrigation, Deficit Irrigation, Crop Quality, Tomato, Irrigation