Cattle side view and back view dataset

Published: 12 April 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/h2s22wr5py.1
Lili Bai


The dataset was collected from small villages in eastern Chinese Inner Mongolia Autonomous region, which is known as the hometown of Horqin cattle. The dataset contains side and back views of 72 cattle. Each cattle is accompanied by detailed annotations, including oblique body length, withers height, heart girth, hip length, as well as body weight among other crucial data points. At present, the number of image datasets that can be used to analyze cattle is very limited. In the public datasets, most of them contain multiple cows in each image, which is mainly for recognition tasks, and it is impossible to determine the detailed feature points of each cow to measure the body size. This data set allows us to perform more complex estimation tasks such as automated measurements and weight prediction. In the field of computer vision, utilizing this dataset can facilitate the construction of deep learning models to develop an automated livestock monitoring system. Improve the management efficiency and economic benefits of animal husbandry.



Computer Science Applications, Computer Vision, Livestock Husbandry, Livestock Information