Perception of the usability of Health Information Systems in Brazil

Published: 27 January 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/h2z4sc4mzg.1
Vandoir Welchen,


This dataset contains the data and the R code of the study described below. Title Perception of the usability of Health Information Systems in Brazil Abstract Purpose: Validate the National Usability Focused Health Information Systems Scale (NuHISS) in the Brazilian context, measure the overall assessment of these systems, and identify the factors that influence this Health Information Systems (HIS) assessment in Brazil. Method: We conducted a survey with 262 doctors and nurses from February to May 2020. To measure usability, we used the validated National Usability-focused HIS Scale (NuHISS). Findings: The results show adequate validity and reliability for the validation of the NuHISS scale in the Brazilian context. The survey indicated an overall percentage of 38.9% of users rated the system they used as a high-quality system. Still, technical quality, ease of use, and benefits explain 43.5% of the user’s overall assessment of systems. Conclusion: This study validated the NuHISS scale for the Brazilian context and therefore it will be possible to use this scale to measure the usability of the HIS of Brazilian doctors and nurses. Furthermore, the results suggest that there is dissatisfaction with the usability of the HIS systems and, for this reason, usability is a factor that those responsible for health systems must observe.


Steps to reproduce

Attached R code contains the comments for running the database.


Universidade de Caxias do Sul


Usability Systems, Electronic Health Record, Validation Study, Medical Record, Electronic Patient Record, Health Information System