Surgical strike and Indian newspapers

Published: 14 December 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/h338h7jvx9.1
shantharaju s


the researcher considered the first 14 days of coverage about the surgical strike starting from 29 September 2016. In this period, 114 articles appeared on Times of India (ToI), 102 in The Hindu (TH), and 29 in The Wire (TW) It has to be noted that the number of articles in TW seems to be smaller, but each story had multiple updates on the same day and other days for a few. Accounting for these updates, the total number of stories shall double the face count (which is around 60). A traditional newspaper has its limitation in extending the story as it receives updates on further developments. In contrast, a digital platform needs to hit the update button instantly. Hence, an initial short story updated at 6 in the morning on TW becomes a longer story by afternoon with as many updates as possible. A keyword, 'strike' anywhere in the story, including the headlines, has been considered in choosing the articles. The entire edition has been considered from the cover page to the sports page in all three news sources. An entire article's assertion has been considered for the study (Wimmer and Dominick, 2010). The study employs a descriptive content analysis with a codebook developed based on much research on a similar theme. The coding of each word has been studied empirically, and familiar themes are noted for each article. The codes employed in the study are drawn and revised from the study conducted by Jesper Falkheimer and Eva-Karin Olsson's paper on 2011's Norway's terrorist attack. Four parameters, Type of article, Journalistic Style, Framing, and Stance, are analyzed in analyzing the news items.


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