Plazas & Villamil - Effect Number Rejection Relation on Equivalence

Published: 25 November 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/h3d3c6bm2c.1
Elberto Plazas,


Data are about 106 participants divided in six groups. Groups differed in the kind of trials introduced in the baseline. First columns show the number of blocks required by each participant to meet the criterion of each pretraining (Phases 1-4) and training (Phases 5-8) phases. Next columns show the percentage of correct responses in the baseline trials of the phases 9 to 11, the selection control test trials (in the phase 9) the rejection control test trials (in the phase 9), the symmetry trials (in the phase 10), and the transitivity test trials (in the phase 11).



Behavior, Behavioral Issue, Categorization, Discrimination