Data for: Parallelized Multi-level Optimization Model with Continuous Search Domain for Selection of Run-of-river Hydropower Projects

Published: 19 November 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/h4j4cd8b66.1
Hazem Abdelhady


This folder contains the code for the Run-of-River Project Optimization (RoRPO) model described in the manuscript. The RoRPO model is coded in MatLab and is designed to be used on high-performance computing (HPC) facilities. The code that is provided here applies the RoRPO model to the Guder River case study. Flow data for Guder River is in the file "GuderRiverFlow.mat". The profile of Guder River is in the file "GuderRiverProfile.mat". The RoRPO model selects turbines from a predefined set. Characteristics of turbines defined for the Guder River case study are given I the file "turbineData.mat". To run the model on an HPC, execute "ror_main.m" with "ror_0.mat" as an input file. The model should automatically run in parallel and generate new instances on the HPC. Results are written to the file "ror_out.mat". After running the code, you can use this command to open the output file "dlmread('ror_out.mat')".



Hydroelectric Energy, Constrained Optimization