Data for: Flooding of the Caspian Sea at the intensification of Northern Hemisphere Glaciations

Published: 29 January 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/h569gcjhcm.1
Christiaan van Baak, Marius Stoica, Arjen Grothe, Gareth Davies, Wout Krijgsman, Keith Richards, Klaudia Kuiper, Elmira Aliyeva


Supplementary data for the Jeirankechmez section in Azerbaijan. - Appendix A contains all paleomagnetic data and interpretations of the Jeirankechmez section. This .dir file can be imported into the webportal under "Interpretation Portal", "Advanced Options", "Import Application Save". For further details on the use of please refer to the article by Koymans et al. (2016) - - Appendix B contains the magnetic susceptibility data for the analysed samples, including geographic coordinates and stratigraphic levels. - Appendix C contains the 40Ar/39Ar data for the three analysed volcanic ash layers.



Geology, Stratigraphy, Paleomagnetism, Magnetic Susceptibility, Geochronology, Azerbaijan, Caspian Sea, Pleistocene, Pliocene, Strontium Isotope