Data for: A case study of recurring slope lineae (RSL) at Tivat crater: Implications for RSL origins

Published: 29 August 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/h6s8khtbd4.1
Ethan Schaefer


Zipped file geodatabase and "readme" plain text file. The geodatabase includes mapping of recurring slope lineae (RSL) for 10 different HiRISE images, mapping of dust devil tracks and rockfall markings in HiRISE images across four Mars years, and some manual traces of notable RSL growth. All 3D information is derived from a smoothed digital terrain model (except where explicitly noted otherwise, that is, for certain long profiles only), which in turn is derived from stereo HiRISE imagery. See published paper for additional details.



Geology, Geomorphology, Planetary Geomorphology, Mars