Literature used for the meta-synthesis: "The phenomenon of local manufacturing: An attempt at a differentiation of Distributed, Re-Distributed and Urban Manufacturing"

Published: 27 July 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/h74xrvc9z3.2
Dominik Saubke,


The unpredictable occurrences of a pandemic and trade conflicts have recently demonstrated the fragility of global, industrial value chains. Local value creation structures have the potential to mitigate these issues by increasing resilience and meeting present ecological, economic and social challenges. However, the idea of localizing manufacturing encompasses various concepts of value creation that are often used without clearly differentiating them. This paper presents a meta-synthesis which evaluates study results on the topic of local manufacturing aiming to outline Distributed Manufacturing (DM), Re-Distributed Manufacturing (RDM) and Urban Manufacturing (UM). Key attributes are identified and used to characterize the concepts, also highlighting overlaps and differences between them. This allows for a better understanding of local manufacturing and consolidates multiple descriptions of these concepts, thus enabling a more universal and unambiguous communication when referring to DM, RDM or UM. The PDF File contains a list of the literature used for the meta-synthesis.



Helmut-Schmidt-Universitat Universitat der Bundeswehr Hamburg