Raw Data from the Study of the Room-Temperature Superconductivity and Its Advanced Solid State

Published: 22-01-2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/h7jntzvbbm.1
Nobuyuki Zen


This is the raw dataset of the research article entitled "Room-temperature superconductivity in an artificial 2D metallic phononic crystal: Fabrication, properties, and application" written by Nobuyuki Zen. Not only the raw data in the main article but also those in the Supplementary Material are included here. "***.ogwu" can be opened with a data analysis and graphing software, Origin (OriginLab Corporation). "***.xlsx" can be opened with Excel (Microsoft). "PnC-Nb_i-line-Layout.GDS" is the GDSII file of the PnC pattern used in this study. The author assumes no responsibility for any problem that may result from dealing with this data. In particular, the addition of the author as a responsible author and/or an inventor in any publication, including electronic publications, is prohibited.