A comparative in vitro study of microscope-enhanced root scaling and conventional root scaling

Published: 6 July 2018| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/h7s2bswpc5.2
Zhengguo Cao, Haiqing Liao, Huihui Zhang, Guanting Chen


The dataset contains the results of nanoindentation tests of tooth root surfaces of four groups: NC group, normal teeth( A group ); PC group, untreated periodontitis teeth(B group); Macro group, the root surface instrumented with the naked eyes(C group); Micro group, the root surface instrumented with a microscope(D group). The dataset also contains the methylene blue staining results of the Macro group and Micro group; IL-6 expression levels of periodontal ligament cells cultured on the root surfaces of four groups, which was detected by ELISA; the CCK-8 results of the periodontal ligament cells proliferation of four groups.



Tooth, Nanoindentation