Spatial variability of CO2 and CH4 concentrations from Petit-Saut reservoir (French Guiana)

Published: 30 October 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/h7t78kxjjw.1


Variability in greenhouse gas emissions from reservoirs creates uncertainty in global estimates of C emissions from reservoirs. We measured CO2 and CH4 surface water concentrations at 44 sites in the reservoir (including sites in open, littoral and transitional areas) during the dry season in 2018. We linked gas concentrations with environmental parameters.


Steps to reproduce

- CH4 and CO2 concentrations were measured at 0.5 m depth using submersible gas sensors (Mini CH4TM, Mini CO2TM, ProOceanus, Nova Scotia, Canada) operating through the diffusion of dissolved gases from liquids through a supported semi-permeable membrane to a non-dispersive infrared detector (NDIR). Three measurements points were performed for each sampling sites. For each point, gas surface water concentrations were measured every minute for 12 minutes total and corrected by the response time of the online equilibration system, which was 3 min for CO2 and 8 min for CH4. - environmental parameters were measured in the field using a YSI EXO2 portable multiparameter probe


Universite Lyon 1 IUT Lyon 1


Spatial Variability, Greenhouse Gas Emission, Reservoir Evaluation