Fully Interactive and Refined Resolution Simulations of the Martian Dust Cycle by the MarsWRF Model

Published: 04-08-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/h7xjvbx6mv.1
Claus Gebhardt,
Abdelgadir Abuelgasim,
Ricardo Fonseca,
Javier Martin-Torres,
Maria-Paz Zorzano


The Mars General Circulation Model MarsWRF has been run with fully interactive dust lifting parametrization, assuming an inexhaustible surface dust reservoir. Changing the horizontal resolution from 5°×5° to 2°×2° produced different dust cycle variability and dust source regions. That is because the higher spatial resolution allows for a better representation of the surface topography and other surface properties. Global Dust Storm Events are likely to occur if regional dust storm activity at the northern Hellas Basin connects with that south of Chryse Planitia.