Elastic and fatigue properties of additively manufactured and milled Ti-6Al-4V removable partial denture clasps

Published: 29 April 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/h8k7y8zx2g.1
Minrui Minrui


This study aimed to investigate the elastic deformation limit and fatigue life of AM Ti64 clasps, analyze the effect of polishing on the elasticity and fatigue life of AM titanium clasps, and compare them with milled Ti64 clasps. The hypothesis of this study was that additively manufactured Ti-6Al-4V clasps exhibit similar elasticity and fatigue properties to machined Ti-6Al-4V clasps. The experimental data included the three-dimensional model of the clasps, tensile test results, surface roughness measurements, clasp elasticity tests, clasp fatigue tests results, as well as scanning electron microscope images of clasp fatigue fracture surfaces and microstructural images. The tensile test data comprised experimental data for 12 samples of two materials, including strain and stress data and the summary. Surface roughness data included measurement data for each sample in four experimental groups, with three measurements taken for each sample and averaged. Clasp elasticity data included the initial length (IL) of each sample before measurement and the length measured after each loading, with the previous loading displacement before significant clasp length change (exceeding 0.1% IL) considered as the clasp's elastic deformation limit. The data from clasp fatigue tests included fatigue life under different displacements from 1.0mm to 0.3mm for four experimental groups (n=5 for each displacement had). The experimental data for each clasp included recorded raw data and data processing, i.e., averaging every 10 loading forces. The number of loadings when the clasp's average loading force decayed to 85% of the initial loading force was considered as the clasp's fatigue life. Due to fluctuations in clasp loading force, the fatigue life corresponding to the last loading force ≥85%ILF was determined as the clasp's fatigue life.



Fujian Medical University