A Litopenaeus vannamei shrimp dataset with images and corresponding weight-size measurements for the development of artificial intelligence-based biomass estimation and organism detection algorithms

Published: 10 May 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/h8tcn6ykky.1


This dataset was compiled with the ultimate goal of developing non-invasive computer vision algorithms for assessing shrimp biometrics and biomass estimation. The main folder, labeled "DATASET," contains five sub-folders—DB1, DB2, DB3, DB4, and DB5—each filled with images of shrimps. Additionally, each sub-folder is accompanied by an Excel file that includes manually measured data for the shrimps pictured. The files are named respectively: DB1_INDUSTRIAL_FARM_1, DB2_INDUSTRIAL_FARM_2_C1, DB3_INDUSTRIAL_FARM_2_C2, DB4_ACADEMIC_POND_S1, and DB5_ACADEMIC_POND_S2. Here’s a detailed description of the contents of each sub-folder and its corresponding Excel file: 1) DB1 includes 490 PNG images of 22 shrimps taken from one pond at an industrial farm. The associated Excel file, DB1_INDUSTRIAL_FARM_1, contains columns for: SAMPLE: Reflecting the number of individual shrimps (22 entries or rows). LENGTH (cm): Measuring from the rostrum (near the eyes) to the start of the tail. WEIGHT (g): Recorded using a scale. COMPLETE SHRIMP IMAGES: Indicates if at least one full-body image is available (1) or not (0). 2) DB2 consists of 2002 PNG images of 58 shrimps. The Excel file, DB2_INDUSTRIAL_FARM_2_C1, includes: SAMPLE: Number of shrimps (58 entries or rows). CEPHALOTHORAX (cm): Width measured at the middle. LENGTH (cm) and WEIGHT (g): Similar measurements as DB1. COMPLETE SHRIMP IMAGES: Presence (1) or absence (0) of full-body images. 3) DB3 contains 1719 PNG images of 50 shrimps, with its Excel file, DB3_INDUSTRIAL_FARM_2_C2, documenting: SAMPLE: Number of shrimps (50 entries or rows). Measurements and categories identical to DB2. 4) DB4 encompasses 635 PNG images of 20 shrimps, detailed in the Excel file DB4_ACADEMIC_POND_S1. This includes: SAMPLE: Number of shrimps (20 entries or rows). CEPHALOTHORAX (cm), LENGTH (cm), WEIGHT (g), and COMPLETE SHRIMP IMAGES: Documented as in other datasets. 5) DB5 includes 661 PNG images of 20 shrimps, with DB5_ACADEMIC_POND_S2 as the corresponding Excel file. The file mirrors the structure and measurements of DB4. The images for each foler are named "sm_n", where m is the number of shrimp sample and n is the number of picture of that shrimp. This carefully structured dataset provides comprehensive biometric data on shrimps, facilitating the development of algorithms aimed at non-invasive measurement techniques. This will likely be pivotal in enhancing the precision of biomass estimation in aquaculture farming, utilizing advanced statistical morphology analysis and machine learning techniques.



Tecnologico Nacional de Mexico, Universidad Estatal de Sonora


Computer Vision, Aquaculture, Machine Learning, Biometrics, Shrimp, Fish Farming, Animal Morphology, Deep Learning




Tecnológico Nacional de México