Impact Of The Absence Of A Parental Figure On Decision Making In Adolescents, To Become Independent

Published: 13 September 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hb9c5wd8wv.1


In this research carried out in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, it will respond to the objectives: identify the level of communication skills, style of family dynamics and be able to identify the level of Self Differentiation. Non-experimental design study, exploratory and descriptive scope; mixed approach. A Field Diary was applied where psychographic information was collected from a sample of 61 adolescents. The indicators are: age, number of children, marital status, pregnancy status, level of education, during childhood in care they received gender violence, abandonment and emotional abuse from absent parents in the development of the life cycle. The results of the instruments: The Family Communication Scale, composed of two items with transversal characteristics: Cohesion obtained low results with a detached profile, Adaptability obtained high results with a rigid profile. The results of the Family Satisfaction Scale, both items presented measures of Cohesion with high percentages, the trend relationships were unrelated - separate; the item Adaptability with high profile chaotic - unbalanced measures. The Scale of Differentiation of the Self, the set of subscales correspond to the deep level of the Self of profiles is scarce, the Fusion with Others of profiles is poorly defined and less intense, the Emotional Reactivity the characteristics of harmony are omitted, presenting an intense low level, Emotional Disconnection with a negative result. Representative principles and convictions of emotional immaturity of the Differentiation of the Self, based on the scientific theories supporting this research. Keywords: Adolescent, parental absence; communication; family relationship; differentiation. Hipótesis: The importance of this research will be based on showing the relevant aspects, to identify the impact of the absence of the parental figure in the family, and how this is reflected in the decision-making to become independent in adolescents, the importance of communication through of the construction of attachment, skills and domestic values, the Differentiation of the Self, according to the environment and the dynamics of socialization elements, personal, family and social values. From the previous premises, the following formulation of the problem is established where our hypothesis is based on: How does the absence of a parental figure impact the decision-making of adolescents to become independent who attend the Pediatric Foundation for a Tomorrow?



Universidad Nacional Pedro Henriquez Urena


Communication, Adolescent, Parental Care, Self, Differentiation Therapy