Data of the effect of dental resin monomers on human odontoblast-like cells

Published: 26 October 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hbb8f9nbcv.1
Paula Baldion


Data on the effect of 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate (HEMA) and triethyleneglycol dimethacrylate (TEGDMA) exposure on metabolic activity, membrane integrity, and cell survival of the human odontoblast-like cell. Raw data of cell viability, metabolic activity, and membrane integrity evaluation by calcein, MTT, resazurin, lactate dehydrogenase assays. Oxidative damage assessment by intracellular reactive oxygen species using 2 ', 7'-dichlorodihydrofluorescein diacetate assay, mitochondrial membrane potential (Δψm) evaluation using tetramethylrhodamine ethyl ester assay, lipid peroxidation detection by quantifying the malondialdehyde (MDA) molecule. Data on the activation of the apoptotic death by caspase-3 activity determination. Cell survival evaluation data including antioxidant enzymes expression by qPCR (catalase and Heme-oxygenase 1). The absorbance data or the fluorescence intensity were obtained by spectrometry at the specific wavelengths for each test.



Universidad Nacional de Colombia


Dentistry, Oxidative Stress, Cytotoxicity Assay, Resin Matrix Composites