Data for: Official catch data underrepresent shark and ray taxa caught in Mediterranean and Black Sea fisheries

Published: 30 March 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hc8s8xfss7.1
Madeline Cashion, Daniel Pauly, Nicolas Bailly


These are the annual Taxonomic Resolution Index (TRI) scores of reported domestic landings (retrieved from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation) of elasmobranchs by Mediterranean and Black Sea countries (1950-2014). The TRI scores are ratios of the number of unique elasmobranch taxa reported (numerator) to the number of commercial taxa occurring in a country's waters (denominator; >10% of EEZ area). Taxonomic scores for both the numerator and denominator are weighted by their taxonomic precision; species receive a full point. In cases when a country reported both a taxon and a higher taxon above it (e.g., reports of thornback ray (Raja clavata) as well as Batoidea) in the same year, points were counted only for the most precise taxon. Tonnage is not considered in TRI, so scores do not reflect the amount of landings reported at each taxonomic level.



Marine Fisheries Management, Fisheries Science