Published: 15-10-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hct95nx3t8.1
Lars von Buchholtz


This data accompanies von Buchholtz et al. cell_info.csv: each row corresponds to a mechanoresponsive trigeminal ganglion cell and contains information about in situ hybridization (ISH) results for each probe (0 = negative, 1 = positive, 0.5 = weak), resulting transcriptomic cell class (C1-13,nd = not determined), basic statistics of GCamp traces (STAT), response peak to various stimuli (MAX), response peak to combinations of stimuli (COMB), ratios between response peaks of different stimuli (RATIO), resulting functional category ('profile') cell_traces.csv: GCamp traces (df/f) for the same cells imaged at 5Hz while stimulated by airpuff, vibration, brush, hairpull, pinch (200 timepoints each) calb2cre_allcells.csv: GCamp traces (df/f) from Calb2Cre/RSL-GCaMP mice imaged at 5Hz while stimulated by airpuff, brush with the grain, brush against the grain, hairpull, pinch and vibration (200 timepoints each). 4pinches_wt.csv: GCamp traces (df/f) for cells from 4 ganglia imaged at 5Hz while stimulated by brush and 4 pinches on a straight line 1mm apart (200 timepoints each).