Pakistan's Energy Sector Planning using modified DECO2 software: Supplementary Information

Published: 8 May 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hd2x9vzhfn.1
Gul Hameed


These datasets are generated using a modified version of the DECO2 software and contain detailed optimization results for Pakistan's power sector, which includes 208 power plants, over the planning period of 2021-2040. The '1 - Min_Emission_CT_OFF.xlsx' file provides the optimized results for emissions minimization without carbon trading, while the '2 - Min_Emission_CT_ON_Direct_Optimization.xlsx' file contains the results for emissions minimization with carbon trading. Similarly, the '1 - Min_Budget_CT_OFF.xlsx' file lists the optimized results for budget minimization without carbon trading, while the '2 - Min_Budget_CT_ON_Indirect_Optimization.xlsx' file contains the results for budget minimization with carbon trading.


Steps to reproduce

Data can be reproduced using modified DECO2 software (which is open-source software available at


University of Surrey


Mathematical Optimization, Large-Scale Optimization, Emission Reduction, Pakistan, Energy Planning Tool