Pakistan's Energy Sector Planning using modified DECO2 software: Supplementary Information

Published: 12 June 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/hd2x9vzhfn.2
Gul Hameed


These datasets are generated using a modified version of the DECO2 software and contain detailed optimization results for Pakistan's power sector, which includes 208 power plants, over the planning period of 2021-2040. The '1 - Min_Emission_CT_OFF.xlsx' file provides the optimized results for emissions minimization without carbon trading, while the '2 - Min_Emission_CT_ON_Direct_Optimization.xlsx' file contains the results for emissions minimization with carbon trading. Similarly, the '1 - Min_Budget_CT_OFF.xlsx' file lists the optimized results for budget minimization without carbon trading, while the '2 - Min_Budget_CT_ON_Indirect_Optimization.xlsx' file contains the results for budget minimization with carbon trading. File '5 - Data used in Manuscript for Pakistan's Case' contains the complete input data for all the optimization problems.


Steps to reproduce

Data can be reproduced using modified DECO2 software (which is open-source software available at


University of Surrey


Mathematical Optimization, Large-Scale Optimization, Emission Reduction, Pakistan, Energy Planning Tool