Using ring flash for oral cavity photography

Published: 7 December 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hdb44wbnst.1
Zhenlai Zhu,
, Lei Wang,
, Qing Liu


Obtaining high quality photographs of oral mucosal lesions is still a challenge. Appropriate Lighting illustrating the particular features of interests is an important component of oral cavity photography. One way to achieve better lighting for oral cavity photos is by attaching a ring flash. A ring flash is a strobe light that is shaped like a ring with its light coming from 100% on-axis. Since the light is coming from a bagel shaped source, they catch light it produces is bagelled as well. This flash comes with many benefits and is very easy to use for oral cavity photograph. It is useful for lesions localized in the palate buccal, the mucosa, and the mouth floor (Figure 2-4 supplemental). The ring flash can be placed on top of your digital single-lens reflex camera with the help of a hot shoe adapter, which will provide more control without having any effect on buttons.



Fourth Military Medical University


Dermatology, Oral Medicine