Published: 1 August 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/hdpmjgx8rg.2
Martin Frank


This data belongs to the manuscript "Osteoporosis affects cortical and trabecular mechanical properties in femoral neck differently and minorly". The raw stress-strain data are provided for cyclic tensile tests of individual trabeculae and cortical bone tissue. Samples were obtained from body donors without any known bone disease and from those who sustained a low-trauma (osteoporotic) fracture of the hip. Data were evaluated with an elasto-visco-plastic-damage rheological model and presented as stress-strain figures for each sample individually. Further, evaluated material parameters are summarized in a table. Hereby, data of all samples is presented in one sheet, and outlier-removed data (IQR-test based, first for RMSE and then for each variable separately) in a second sheet.



Karl Landsteiner Privatuniversitat fur Gesundheitswissenschaften


Biomechanics, Osteoporosis, Materials Characterization, Rheological Property, Damage Evolution