Finite element analysis of deep-sea type III pressure vessels: raw and processed data

Published: 22 September 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hdxnbtkwb6.1
Valter Luiz Jantara Junior


This dataset provides the processed (spreadsheets) and raw (abaqus input files) files of a parametric study to optimise the design of a type III pressure vessel in order to withstand 300 bar internal pressure and 600 bar external pressure. Several different designs were created by varying the metal liner (aluminium 7075-T6) thickness and whether or not there is hoop reinforcing layers. The wrapping composite material is T700 fibre/epoxy, with the helical layers stacked in an antisymmetric way and the hoop layers at 90 degrees. After the design optimisation, the selected designs were tested under external hydrostatic pressure to calculate the maximum allowable pressure/depth that these pressure vessels can be submerged.


Steps to reproduce

Run the input files with the Abaqus/Standard solver. The version used in this work was the 2017 version. See readme.txt


University of Birmingham


Finite Element Modeling