Brief data of microplastic accumulation in Solen dactylus in different seasons along the Khuddi creek, Indus Delta, Pakistan

Published: 22 November 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/hf6bkb3rdn.2
Hina Moin, Rana Hadi, Rabia Badar, Ghufrana Nadeem, Memoona Nawaz


This dataset shows the abundance, types, and colors of microplastics, as well as the weight and length of Solen dactylus, collected from the Khuddi Creek, Indus Delta, Pakistan. Khuddi Creek is a tidal creek in Sindh, Pakistan. The topography elevation above sea level is estimated to be -9999 meters. The samples were taken from Khuddi Creek (24.58307°N, 67.25061°E). The data set for Khuddi Creek consists of three CVS files. Each of these files contains the information about Solen dactylus’s weight and length, microplastic abundance, shapes, and colors. A complete description of the sampling location, sampling technique, microplastic particle extraction, and counting are given in tables. The following information is contained in each table: Date_YYYY-MM-DD = year-month-day sampling date Country_Region = the country or location from which the samples have been collected Location_name = the name of the beach where the samples were taken Location_lat = the sampling location's coordinates (latitude / N) Location_lon = the sampling location's coordinates (longitude / E) Transect = Each of the four transects/stations is represented by the letters A, B, C, and D. Transects are spaced 1 meter apart. Position =The samples were obtained from a 50 × 50 cm quadrat. The numbering system ranges from 1 to 12. Size_min_mm = smaller particle size in mm Size_max_mm = maximum particle size in mm Size_class = the name of the plastic piece size class (microplastics) Shell length in mm= the length of the shell in mm Meat length in mm= the length of the meat inside the shell in mm Shell and meat weight in g= the weight of the meat with shell in grams Microplastics types were classified into the following groups: fibers, fragments, films and microbeads. Colors were divided into five categories: black, red/pink, green, blue, and transparent.



Jinnah University for Women