Published: 24 February 2017| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/hf6sf8zrkc.2
Nabeel Mohammed,


This dataset, BanglaLekha-Isolated, is a collection of Bangla handwritten isolated character samples . It contains samples of 50 Bangla basic characters, 10 Bangla numerals and 24 selected compound characters. 2000 handwriting samples for each of the 84 characters were collected, digitized and pre-processed. After discarding mistakes and scribbles, 1,66,105 handwritten character images were included in the final dataset. The dataset also includes information about the age and gender of the subjects from whom the handwriting samples were collected. This information is mapped to each individual image. A separate spreadsheet gives an assessment of the aesthetic quality of the handwriting samples, collected from three independent assessors. This assessment is done on groups of 84 characters and not on individual characters.



University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh


Image Processing, Optical Character Recognition, Handwriting Recognition, Machine Learning, Bengali Language