A Two Martian Years Survey of Water Ice Clouds on Mars with ACS onboard TGO

Published: 21 July 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hff8kc6fsy.1


The ACS-MIR_profiles_reff_kext folder contains the retrieved water ice clouds effective radii (reff) along with the atmospheric extinction (kext) at 3.2μm and 3.4μm below the haze top, retrieved from TGO/ACS-MIR observations acquired between Ls=163° (MY 34) and Ls=181° (MY 36). The complete list of the processed observations with their coordinates is provided in ACS-MIR_profiles_coordinates.csv. The Mars_PCM_profiles folder contains profiles of the atmospheric properties predicted by the Mars PCM at the coordinates of the TGO/ACS-MIR observations from MY 35.



Northern Arizona University, Laboratoire Atmospheres Milieux Observations Spatiales


Infrared Spectroscopy, Cloud Physics, Atmospheric Aerosols, Planetary Atmosphere, Mars, Ice