Supplemental Files: Outcomes and Predictors of Survival in Cutaneous Melanoma of the Eyelid: An Analysis of the National Cancer Database

Published: 28 October 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hfjnt8j6d7.1
Sara Behbahani,
Stefano Malerba,
Arpita Maniar,
Bret Taback,
Scott H. Troob,
Brian P. Marr,
Faramarz H. Smie


• Eyelid melanoma is a rare condition that accounts for 1% of cutaneous melanomas. • Analysis of characteristics and outcomes of 1,911 eyelid melanomas in the National Cancer Database from 2004-2016 shows better overall survival than other invasive head and neck melanomas and demonstrates regional lymph node metastasis as the most significant predictor of worse overall survival.



Epidemiology, Melanoma, Biostatistics, Database