Interdisciplinary Potential of Culturological Attribution

Published: 23 December 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hfmgf6f7kw.1
Gennady Bakumenko


The legitimation of culturology in the totality of sciences is due, inter alia, to its meta-theoretical potential, which is expanding as the methodological tools develop. Due to the post-nonclassical expansion of system concepts in the XXI century. methodological pluralism is affirmed, which requires dialectical-dialogical overcoming of differences in order to build a general scientific picture of the world. As applied to the theory of communication, it was proposed by R. Craig, but it can be synthesized with the "widely used, but poorly reflected" method of cultural attribution (A.Y. Flier). The synthesis is based on the thesis that terminological clarification (“culturological attribution”) allows attributing the subject of research not only in a separate culture, but in the aggregate of cultural locations, including various theoretical traditions.



FGBNIU Rossijskij naucno-issledovatel'skij institut kul'turnogo i prirodnogo nasledia imeni D S Lihaceva


Cultural Studies, Interdisciplinary Application Studies, Metacognition, Methodology