Cross sectional study of female sex workers in South Africa

Published: 22 March 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hfr552s47v.1
Minja Milovanovic


This dataset includes the preliminary variables from the first national-level study designed to offer HIV prevalence, violence, mental ill health, sexual and other risks, and treatment access among FSWs in networks of programmes across South Africa.


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A community-centric, cross-sectional, survey of 3,005 adult Female Sex Workers (FSWs) was conducted in South Africa across all nine provinces of between January-July 2019. Eligible sites had an existing SW programme and networks. Study data was collected by individual sites and real time captured into REDCap. FSWs were actively involved in all stages of the study design, questionnaire development, and data collection.


University of the Witwatersrand


Public Health, Mental Health, HIV/AIDS, High-Risk Population, Violence, Sex Worker