Effect of iliopsoas muscle release on diaphragm excursion in asymptomatic healthy individuals: A randomized pilot study

Published: 14 June 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hfsgxg74rb.1


BACKGROUND: As the diaphragm and iliopsoas shares a common connection at 2 lumbar vertebrae if the three is alteration in length of iliopsoas may affect also affect the pulmonary function directly or indirectly. Therefore, as there is lack of literature available on iliopsoas muscle release result on diaphragm excursion in asymptomatic healthy individuals which needs to be survey. AIM: The aim of study was to find effect of iliopsoas muscle release on diaphragm mobility in asymptomatic healthy individuals. METHODOLOGY: In this study 118 subject were screened out of those only 30 females’ subjects were recruited by purposive sampling method and assigned randomly into experimental group and control group. The demographic data and measurement of height, weight was recorded and the BMI was calculated by standard formula in SPSS toll. The modified Thomas test is use to assess iliopsoas muscle tightness. The pre and post diaphragm excursion examined by diagnostic ultrasonography. DATA ANALYSIS: The statistical analysis of data was done by using the SPSS tool. The data normality was checked through Shapiro-Wilk Test and the descriptive statistics had shown in median interquartile range (IQR) statistics of significance in between the group was estimated by the Mann-Whitney U test meanwhile within group statistics was estimated by the Wilcoxon test. The level of significance had defined p<0.05. RESULT: The result of the study shows a significant improvement on diaphragm excursion (p-value=0.01) reveal the positive result in between the group but in within the experimental group shows highly significant result in hip flexor length and diaphragm mobility (P<0.05) by release of iliopsoas muscle rather than control group and the result of study shows the strong positive correlation between the hip flexor tightness and diaphragm excursion. CONCLUSION: The Myofascial release therapy on iliopsoas muscle is effective in improving the diaphragm mobility.



Functional Low Back Pain, Doppler Ultrasonography, Lumbar Spine, Diaphragm Muscle, Body Mass Analysis