Data for: A widespread compositionally bimodal tephra sourced from Volcán Melimoyu (44°S, Northern Patagonian Andes): Insights into magmatic reservoir processes and opportunities for regional correlation

Published: 8 October 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hh6vrwgszd.1
Brent Alloway, Nick Pearce, Miguel Parada, Angelo Castruccio, Eduardo Morgado, Francisco Gutierrez Ferrer, Carolina Geoffroy, Patricio Moreno, Alvaro Amigo


Supplementary Information Material comprises three sections detailing new tephra names and reference section information (1.0), a description of analytical methodologies (used to characterise the tephra) (2.0), and a section describing the crystal fractionation and magma mixing modelling methodologies (3.0). This Supplementary Information contains 20 listed references, 7 SI Tables and 4 SI Figures. The SI sections and Tables are cross-referenced in the main text of Geoffroy et al.



Volcanology, Cenozoic Stratigraphy