Phosphorylation-dependent membraneless organelle fusion and fission illustrated by postsynaptic density condensates

Published: 11 September 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hj3897jwbw.1
Haowei Wu, Xudong Chen, Zeyu Shen, Hao Li, Shiqi Liang, Youming Lu, Mingjie Zhang


Fig 1 CaMKⅡα triggers the fusion of two immiscible PSD condensates. Fig 2 CaMKⅡα regulates the interaction between SAPAP and PSD-95. Fig 3 Phosphorylation on the GBR of GKAP is sufficient to achieve the fusion of two immiscible PSD condensates. Fig 4 Phosphorylation of multiple GBRs enhances phase separation of PSD proteins. Fig 5 A designed GKAP-DLS protein mimicking constitutively phosphorylated GKAP Fig 6 Phosphorylation of GBRs of SAPAPs is critical for synapse maturation in cultured neurons. Fig S3 Generation and characterization of Sapap3KO mice



Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


Synapse, Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation