Primary Energy Projection for Achieving Net Zero Emissions by 2070: An Estimate for India - Datasets

Published: 8 September 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/hj3jk5wr84.2


The primary aim of the research is to analyse the feasibility of achieving India's net-zero emission target. The necessary predictions of future energy demand were made using the data sets. The dataset includes the Renewable Energy Consumption (REC), Percapita Total Energy Consumption (PTEC), Projected Population of India and Carbon emissions rate. The REC and PTEC data are provided in Giga watt hours (GWh); and the carbon emissions data is in tonnes of CO2/GWh. In order to make the Total Energy Demand relevant to the future population, the TEC (Total Energy Consumption) data is computed with the help of forecasted PTEC and the Projected Population data. The emission data is taken in such a way that only emissions from Non-renewable sources and within the country are considered. The emissions from Renewable sources and imports are not included in the chosen data. For the Population projection data by the United Nations Department of Economics & Social Affairs, the Total population of single age and both sexes is taken.



Central University of Tamil Nadu


Energy Economics, Sustainable Energy Development, Renewable Energy, Energy Consumption, Primary Energy Resource