Dataset of Rohingya-related international news published in 2009-2023

Published: 19 June 2024| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/hjfsvfhnzb.2
Md Sayeed Al-Zaman


This repository contains ten datasets of Rohingya-related 8,074 news stories published in ten newspapers from ten countries between 2009 and 2023. Each country has one dataset, with the eleventh dataset containing all news stories in a single file. We used three Python libraries: BeautifulSoup, Selenium, and Newspaper4k, to scrape the data. The newspapers included here are The Daily Star (Bangladesh), China Daily (China), The Times of India (India), The Star (Malaysia), Express Tribune (Pakistan), Al Jazeera (Qatar), Saudi Gazette (Saudi Arabia), Daily Sabah (Turkey), The Guardian (UK), and The New York Times (US). This data was collected as part of a research project that analyzed the framing of Rohingya-related international news.



Jahangirnagar University


Religion, Politics, International Communication, Refugee, International Affairs, Mass Media, International Conflict, News Collection Service