Mt. Tai O3 datasets

Published: 18 December 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hjkbkkktsc.1
Yingnan Zhang,
Likun Xue


Archived here are the observation data (hourly resolution) in 2018 at Mt. Tai as well as the LPTM output discussed in the paper: Zhang, Y., Xue, L., Li, H., Chen, T., Mu, J., Dong, C., Sun, L., Liu, H., Zhao, Y., Wu, D., Wang, X., and Wang W.: Source Apportionment of Regional Ozone Pollution Observed at Mount Tai, North China: Application of Lagrangian Photochemical Trajectory Model and Implications for Control Policy, Journal of Geophysical Research., in revirw, 2020



Air Pollution