Influence of deposition settings on sedimentary organic carbon fate in the East Siberian Arctic Shelf

Published: 2 April 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hjr286w2km.1
Chuanzhen Zhu


To further understand the fate of organic carbon (OC) in the Arctic marine system, we examined the influence of deposition settings on OC degradation on the East Siberian Arctic shelf (ESAS). The sedimentary factors such as water depth, sedimentation rate (SR), and the physical chemistry of sedimentary debris and water mass that may affect OC degradation were considered in this study. This dataset includes 3 Excel spreadsheets. Sheet 1 shows the collected 210Pb-based sedimentation rates (SR) on the ESAS. Sheet 2 displays the information of 75 sediment samples investigated in this study, including the chemical environment of bottom water, and the analysis results of grain size, specific surface area (SSA), total organic carbon (TOC), carbon isotope, pyrolysis of organic matter, source apportionment, and degradation state. Sheet 3 shows the collected TOC, SSA, CPI of HMW n-alkanes, and HMW n-alkanoic acids/n-alkanes of OM in the surface sediment of the ESAS.



Organic Geochemistry, Sediment Geochemistry, Arctic Sea