Ischemia Challenged Human Umbilical Vascular Endothelial Cells: Proteomic Data

Published: 12 December 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hjym79tgn6.1
Fugui Zhang, Yaping Ma, Chaofan Li, Yan He, Tiwei Fu, Li Song


Human umbilical vascular endothelial cells underwent ischemia, ischemia/reperfusion, and normal control (sham) treatment and marked as group I, IR, and NC, respectively, were detected by quantitative proteomics and bioinformatics analyses. Proteins in Beclin-1/LC3-II-dependent canonical macroautophagy pathways were verified in details. The significantly upregulated proteins encoded by autophagy-related genes (ATGs) included ATG2A, ATG3, ATG4B, ATG5, ATG7, ATG9A, ATG12, ATG16, and ATG101. The significantly enhanced lysosomal proteins comprised Cathepsin B, Cathepsin D, lysosome-associated membrane protein 1 (LAMP1), and LAMP2. However, the differentially expressed proteins excluded Beclin-1, microtubule-associated protein light chain 3 (LC3)-I, and LC3-II. Western blot analyses verified that the protein expressions of Beclin-1, LC3-I, and LC3-II were neither upregulated nor downregulated in ischemia-challenged HUVECs.



Chongqing Medical University Stomatology College


Medical Science, Health