International survey on covid-19 lockdowns and mobility behaviour

Published: 3 July 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hkb3923nj3.1
Tadej Brezina,
Shibayama Takeru,
Ulrich Leth,
Fabian Sandholzer,
Barbara Laa,
Melissa Kapfenberger,
Helmut Lemmerer,
Günter Emberger


Survey motivation: COVID-19 outbreaks in spring of 2020 forced regional and national governments t impose lockdowns, ie. movement restrictions within their municipalities. How did people react to these lockdowns in terms of commutes to work places and educational institutions. Survey implementation: All available language versions were implemented in the online polling tool Files: Results_All_Merged_NUTS3_NEW_3.csv: original survey data with additions (eg. NUTS3 regions of respondent's place of residence) 2020-07-03_questionnaire-metadata.pdf: metadata of variables 2020-07-03_questionnaire-skip-logic.pdf: metadata and skip logic of questionnaire The following people provided translations: The support of following people for providing local language translations is acknowledged: Mohammad Sadegh Aminian (FA), Miha Lokar (SI), Amphai Wejwithan (TH), Leo Schmieder & Benno Schmieder (IT), Ralitsa Dimova (BG), Barbara Laa (FR), Ebru Vesile Öcalir (TR), Simone Becker Lopes (BR), Igor Ripka & Genia Ortis (SK), Dana-Maria Tutui (RO), Francisco Porras Bernárdez (ES), Rie Matsui & Han Woong Yoo (KR), Aso Validi (KU), Miklos Radics & Flora Bolonyai (HU), Masria Mustafa (MS), Jitka Ondráčková (CZ), Takeru Shibayama (JP) and Ulrich Leth (DE), as well as Yu & Chie Nakajima, Zanariah Abd Rahman and Reynaldo Siahaan. Further information on the survey incl. first results are available here:



Technische Universitat Wien


Transport, Mobility Management, City, Sustainable Transport Planning, Urban Mobility, Transport Planning, COVID-19