Data from: Association between physiological performance and short temporal changes in habitat utilisation modulated by environmental factors

Published: 23 August 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hkjpmb9gsd.1
Alexia Dubuc


This dataset comprises all raw data used in Dubuc et al., 2021 published in Marine Environmental Research. For additional information regarding the methods used to calculate the different metabolic variables, please refer to the published article: Respirometry experiments were run on 4 different fish species to determine their metabolic performance in hypoxia. This excel file provides detailed values obtained for each individual fish tested as follow: Species tested, trial and channel number during experiments, fish mass, standard metabolic rate (SMR), critical oxygen level (O2crit), R2 for the linear regression involved in determining O2crit, index of cumulative ambient oxygen deficit (O2deficit), incipient lethal oxygen level (ILO), actual time at O2crit, actual time at ILO, time to ILO (hour), time to ILO (seconds), maximum oxygen supply capacity (alpha). Additionally, all figures obtained from determining SMR and O2crit using fishMO2 R package (Claireaux & Chabot 2016) are provided for complete transparency.



Physiology, Fish, Coastal Ecology