Low-Cost VOC MOx Sensor Data for Estimating Individual and Groups of VOCs, Colorado, Summer 2014

Published: 27 February 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hkn2tbcp67.1
Ashley Collier


Included are data and code to reproduce analysis in which the ability of low-cost VOC sensors to estimate ambient levels of individual and groups of VOCs is explored. This data was collected in Colorado at the Platteville Atmospheric Observatory during the FRAPPE/DISCOVER-AQ Campaigns (Summer 2014). More details regarding this analysis are available in the paper: "Understanding the ability of low-cost MOx sensors to quantify ambient VOCs ", Collier-Oxandale et al., 2019. A README is included for more detailed information regarding the data and its organization. Any questions should be addressed to the main contributor of this dataset and listed contact for the associated journal article.



University of Colorado Boulder


Applications of Sensors, Ambient Air Quality Monitoring