MATLAB code P22 model

Published: 11 April 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hm25xhg3j5.1
Leonard Bäcker,


MATLAB code Related to Figure 1: Evolution predicted phage titer and cell count (as PFU/mL and CFU/mL, respectively, in panel D), phage production (as PFU/mL×h in panel E), and percentage of lysogens and non-lysogens (in panel F) based on previously published models describing the infection dynamics of phage λ and its host E. coli (33), but adjusted to the chemostat setup monitored in A-C and fitted with the P22 specific parameters for burst size, latent time, adsorption rate, and spontaneous induction. Model equations and parameters (49, 50) can be found in Fig. S2.


Steps to reproduce

The model has been created and tested in MATLAB version 2018B and 2020a, but also seems to work for version 2021b. The data of each respective folder contains all the code required to run the model. Backwards and forwards combability is not guaranteed.


Associatie KU Leuven


Microbiology, Bacteriophage, Chemostat