Using MATLAB to stage the severity of dementia: a fuzzy-rule based approach to CDR instrument

Published: 10 September 2021| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/hm4vp824pz.4


MATLAB codes for a fuzzy rule system for recognition and staging the severity of dementia based on CDR staging dementia rating. The proposed fuzzy-approach to the CDR was developed using the MATLAB Fuzzy Logic Toobox. A user-friendly graphical interface was also developed using the MATLAB GUIs. In what follows, we provide codes and instructions to help any interested user to run the programs.


Steps to reproduce

To use the F-CDR system just follow the steps below: (0) In order to run the system you have to install MATLAB first. (1) Click on the file CDRGUIDE.m to execute the routine and open the eletronic form. (2) Fill up the form with the inputs of the model (scores assigned to Memory, Orientation, Judgment/Problem Solving, Community Affairs, Home/Hobbies and Personal Care.) (3) Click on the button SCORE to get the final score, which is presented as staging of the dementia. For access the fuzzy rules and other technical information about the system, please follow as indicated below (1) Access MATLAB workspace and type fuzzy and then enter. (2) A window will pop-up, there click on FILE, IMPORT, FROM FILE, and select the file F-CDR.fis (3) A window will pop-up where the membership functions, base of rules and variables will be available for any sort of analysis.


Universidade Tecnologica Federal do Parana, Universidade Federal do Para


Fuzzy Logic, Clinical Decision Support System