Dataset of student internship experience, competence, psychological capital and employability’s vocational student (Original data)

Published: 17 April 2024| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/hmn3b4c6c4.2


This data is the original data collected through a survey conducted on student internship experience, competence, psychological capital, and employability of vocational students in Aceh Province. Data were collected by simple random sampling through surveys and questionnaires from August to December 2022. The data collected included 266 vocational students who had participated in internship programmes in industries and businesses. The goal of the survey was to collect information on the internship experiences of vocational students and schools in Aceh Province as it relates to employability through psychological capital and competencies. This dataset can be useful for policymakers and practitioners of vocational education institutions as well as a broad reference for improving learning both in schools and in industry. In addition, this dataset can also be a broad reference for other researchers who are interested in understanding students' experiences of internships and employability from different perspectives. Thus, this dataset has great potential to be used in various analyses and research related to vocational education and improving students' employability in Aceh.



Universitas Padjadjaran


Management, Education, Human Resources Management Policy