TRIP Reconstruction Script and Data Files

Published: 20 December 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hmr68jfccn.1
Alec Saville,


The files provided here are provided as part of the work outlined in "Reconstruction of Parent Microstructures in TRIP Titanium Alloys". They consist of a MATLAB script run on R2020B using the MTEX plugin version 5.70, and two EBSD datasets in the .ang file format. Researchers may download the reconstruction script and data files to repeat or investigate the reconstruction process outlined in "Reconstruction of Parent Microstructures in TRIP Titanium Alloys". If a researcher utilizes the included reconstruction script for their own publication, please cite this paper. Please contact Alec Saville prior to using any of the data included here in another publication or your own work. Data files are ONLY included here for transparency in the aforementioned work and for replication/repeating the reconstruction of these datasets. Important things to note: You will need 96 GB or more of RAM to reconstruct these datasets. As scripted, the reconstruction process takes ~ 3 days for both the peak aged and the as-quenched data files. The as-quenched dataset is identified as: S5_AQ_05_cleaned.ang The peak-aged dataset is identified as: S33_PA_cleaned.ang The reconstruction process employed here uses the MTEX community plugin ( Please make sure to also cite the appropriate MTEX publication in your use of these files/reconstruction script.


Steps to reproduce

Using MATLAB R2020B and MTEX Version 5.70 on a computer with 96 GB or more of RAM, run the script titled "TRIPTiReconstruction.m" with either the peak-aged or as-quenched datasets to reconstruct the parent phase microstructure. Additional operations can be added to the reconstruction script if desired.


Colorado School of Mines


Titanium Alloys, Metallurgy, Phase Transformation


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National Science Foundation