In Vivo Analysis and Comparison of Anterior Segment Structures of Both Eyes in Unilateral Herpetic Anterior Uveitis

Published: 25 April 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hmz2cz3jcg.1
Muhammet Ozer


ABSTRACT Purpose: To compare the Schlemm’s canal area (SCA) and to define iris features in patients with unilateral herpetic anterior uveitis (HAU) by using anterior segment spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (AS SD-OCT). Methods: Unilateral HAU cases that had been in complete remission for ≥ 3 months were included. Two investigators analyzed the iris features of HAU. SCA in both healthy (N), and affected eyes (HAU) were compared. Results: The mean age of the participants (n = 22) was 36.3 ± 15 (17–70) years. The mean nasal and temporal (n-t) SCA was measured as 10,844 ± 4806 μm2 and 8,772 ± 3138 μm2 in HAU in comparison with 10,200 ± 4,824 μm2 and 10,045 ± 3,889 μm2 in N, respectively (p = .47 and p = .12, respectively). The most common iris features were the sectoral iridoplegia (100%) on biomicroscopy and the disorganiza- tion of the iris layers (DIL) (77%) on AS SD-OCT images. Conclusion: SCA found similar on both sides. DIL is the most common iris feature of affected eyes.



Yuzuncu Yil Universitesi Tip Fakultesi